December 19, 2007

Le corps animal (the animal body)
from December 20 to 23rd at the Musée du Quai Branly

Efiks Ibo, Ibibio and Ejagham elder fighters, leopard men from southeastern Nigeria fought, through ritual dances, the hidden mysteries of the night and appropriate the strength of the jungle.
Confronted with slavery, the so-called Carabali or Brikamo landed in Cuba in 1762. In Cuba Efiks will carry out this Abakua ritual until today.

For the first time in Europe the nigerian Abakua ritual meets the Cuban, with a multitude of masks and extravagant trimmings, which have evolved over the centuries.

Le Corps Animal (the animal body)
20 and 21 December • 08pm
22 and 23 December • 05pm

Musée du Quai Branly
Théâtre Claude Lévi-Stauss
37, Quai Branly
75 007 Paris

Tarif A : 20€ (full), 14€ (reduce)
Tarif B : 14€ (full), 10,5€ (reduce)


Les Arpenteurs (The land surveyors)
Michèle Noiret & the Percussions de Strasbourg at the Théatre de la ville

Michèle Noiret's last piece "Les Arpenteurs" is a marvellous illustration of the work of this artist from Brussels who is still insufficiently known among French audiences. A wonderfully mature choreographer, Michèle Noiret is mindfully focused on a great art form and an accomplished creation. The movement of her "choreographic characters" reveals an intense plasticity and at the same time a spellbinding rigour. A pure glitter, this movement explores the labyrinths of an unsuspected reality, a dreamlike and powerfully feminine vision - a movement echoing with agitation and driven by impulses from the modern urban world.
Michèle Noiret cherishes rigorous teamwork with some of the leading artists responsible for major changes at the end of the 20th century. Thus, when creating "Les Arpenteurs", she chose the musicians of the legendary "Percussions de Strasbourg" to perform an original music composed by François Paris. Their presence on the stage together with the seven dancers enhances the brilliance of this rich, sparkling and thoroughly true piece.Gérard Mayen

Les Arpenteurs création
Design Michèle Noiret & François Paris
Choreography Michèle Noiret
Orginal music by François Paris
Scenography & costumes Alain Lagarde
Lights Xavier Lauwers

Created and performed by Elena Borghese, Julie Devigne, Dominique Godderis, Matthieu Guénégou, Nicolas Hubert, Isael Mata, Lise Vachon

Jean-Paul Bernard, Claude Ferrier, Bernard Lesage, Keiko Nakamura, François Papirer, Olaf Tzschoppe

Les Arpenteurs
Michèle Noiret & Les Percussions de Strasbourg
December 18 et 19th, 2007
7 dancers – 6 percussionnists

Théâtre de la Ville
2, place du Châtelet
Paris France

Tel : 01 42 74 22 77

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Young : 1re et 2e catégorie 12 €

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Metro : Châtelet (lines 1, 4, 7, 11, 14)


December 12, 2007

Alain Buffard (Not) a love song
December 12-16th, 2007 at the Pompidou Center

Alain Buffard design & scénography
Miguel Gutierrez, Vera Mantero, Claudia Triozzi interpreters
Vincent Ségal music
Yves Godin lights
Miguel Gutierrez is dressed habillé by Yohji Yamamoto & Casey Vidalenc, Vera Mantero by Chanel, Claudia Triozzi by Christian Lacroix. Vincent Ségal is wearing a Casey Vidalenc blazer.
Marc Domage photography
Christophe Poux technical direction
Félix Perdreau sound
Tanguy Accart, Hélène Joly production, broadcast

Choreographer Alain Buffard's latest creation, (not) a love song, features Miguel Gutierrez, Vera Mantero and Claudia Triozzi, and explores a novel art form: musical tragedy. "I've been wanting to take on musical comedies for some time now. They are a tough genre, and I fancied contaminating the musical and theatrical codes that I have always looked to for inspiration, and the singularly broad variety of musical, visual and emotional climates they encapsulate. I also wanted to pay tribute to interpreters I admire. That's where (not) a love song started." AB.

Alain Buffard (Not) a love song
December 12-15th, 2007 08:30pm & Sunday december 16, 2007 05:00pm
Large room - 14€, 10€

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou
75004 Paris

every day from 11am to 10pm, except Tuesdays and May 1

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December 11, 2007

Là, on y danse
Hervé Robbe at the Théâtre de la Ville on Decembre 12, 14 & 15th, 2007

According to Hervé Robbe "A show finds its vindication only in confrontation, in friction". After various pieces and installations in which the audience were invited to come close to the dancing bodies, the choreographer comes back to the stage proper and takes possession of its space with six other dancers. He has selected two musical scores – a classical one and a contemporary one – and within that frame his choreographic writing addresses the issues of our times.The scenography’s geometric and abstract architecture forms the background against which fluid and enigmatic movements unfold on the proscenium, shifting between serious and lighthearted moods. The bodies move with gusto as they pursue unexplored energies and momentum together with experiences of new possibilities. Irène Filiberti

Là, on y danse creation
design, choreography & scenography Hervé Robbe
music Igor Stravinski, Violin Concerto in D
musical composition Romain Kronenberg
Lights François Maillot
Costumes Cathy Garnier
Sound Étienne Cuppens
Model Jimmy Botoran
With Alexia Bigot, Sarah Crépin,
Carole Fèvre, Cédric Lequileuc,
Pedro Mendès, Hervé Robbe,
Juan Manuel Vicente

Là, on y danse
Hervé Robbe / CCN du Havre Haute-Normandie
Mercredi 12 au samedi 15 décembre 2007 à 20h30 (relâche jeudi 13)

Théâtre de la Ville
2, place du Châtelet
Paris France

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Abonné : 12€

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December 09, 2007

Carmen - Sara Baras Ballet flamenco
from december 18th through January 07, 2008 at the théâtre des champs-élysées

"I do not pretend telling a story well known to everybody. What interests me more is to work with the character from a certain poetic abstraction, which maintains the mystery and gives free rein to the imagination of the viewer. Carmen is mostly a woman's attitude and her tragedy is shared by all these women whom while claiming their liberty are killed."

Sara Baras, choreography and artistic direction
Paco de Lucía, Joan Valent, Javier Ruibal, , José Carlos Gómez,
José María Bandera, Mario Montoya, music
Adaptation after Georges Bizet
José Maria Sicilia, scenography
Sybilla, costumes
Valentin Alvarez, lights

Dancers: Sara Baras
José Serrano, Luis Ortega, artistes invités
Danseurs du Sara Baras Ballet Flamenco
Musicians : Sara Baras Grupo Flamenco
Singers: Angela Gómez, Maria Gómez, Saúl Quirós, Miguel de la Tolea

Carmen (2007, creation based on the novel by Mérimée)
Sara Baras Ballet flamenco
Tuesday, December 18, 08pm through Monday, January 7 2008 08pm

Théâtre des Champs-élysées
15, avenue Montaigne
75008 PARIS

Telephone inquiries : 01 49 52 50 50
Fax: 01 49 52 07 41

From 18/12/2007 to 6/1/2008
Hours: 08pm on the 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26 27, 28, 29, December 31, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 January - 05pm on the December 23, 30 and January 6


December 05, 2007

Merce Cunningham
at the Théatre de la Ville until the 09th of December

With his new programme, Merce Cunningham, the American master, invites us to a journey through his life’s work. In "Crises" (1960), five performers are linked together by long elastic bands and move playfully against a background of composer Conlon Nancarrow’s jazzy resonances; yet a certain dramatic tension builds up between the man and the four women. Originally Merce Cunningham was the male performer of this piece which he has reinvented for his present interpreters. "CRWDSPCR" (read "Crowd Spacer"), created in 1993, takes the whole company into ceaseless virtuoso sequences of movements to the rhythm of John King’s Blues 99. "Eye Space" (2006) abounds in duets, trios and quartets. Always an addict of random series, the choreographer has commissioned a new score from Mikel Rouse who uses samples of "prepared piano" by John Cage. These pieces can be downloaded at the theatre itself or heard on provided iPods, allowing everyone in the audience to listen to the music either in chronological order or at random.

Merce Cunningham

Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Crises (1960) 5 danseurs reprise 2006
music Colon Nancarrow,
Studies for player piano
costumes Robert Rauschenberg

eyeSpace (2006) 13 danseurs 1ère française
music for iPods, Mikel Rouse,
International Cloud Atlas
décor & costumes Henry Samelson

CRWDSPCR (1993) 13 danseurs reprise 2007
music John King, blues 99
décor & costumes Mark Lancaster

with the Festival d’Automne in Paris

2 place du Châtelet
75004 Paris

Information tel : 01 42 74 22 77


November 22, 2007

My favorite things (coproduction) / The Rite of Spring
Gat Dance at the CND until Novembre 24th

The two-work evening begins with a solo by Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat and progresses on to his piece for five dancers. The solo, My favourite things, is set to music by John Coltrane, and demonstrates the choreographer’s personal and intimate connection with dance and movement. For the second piece, he draws his inspiration from the famed and initially infamous composition by Stravinsky, “The Rite of Spring”, creating choreography that demands the utmost precision in timing and action.

A red square of light glows on the otherwise completely black stage, just large enough to allow space for the five dancers as they execute salsa variations with definitude. The three women pass between the two men so that one is always alone, but the lack of a partner is nearly imperceptible in the whirling chaos that somehow mounts so calmly. Originally choreographed by Vaslav Nijinski, Emanuel Gat’s version of this piece cultivates tension and suspense, the result of combining beauty with risk. Irène Filiberti

My favorite things : interpreted by Emanuel Gat
The rite of Spring : interpreted by Roy Assaf, Emanuel Gat, Avital Mano, Noa Shavit, Moran Zilberberg

Emanuel Gat / Emanuel Gat Dance
My favorite things (coproduction) / Le Sacre du printemps
Friday 23 november 2007 at 08:30pm, Saturday 24 at 05pm and 08:30pm

CND - Grand Studio
Centre national de la danse
1, rue Victor-Hugo
93507 Pantin - France

RER E Pantin
Metro Hoche (ligne 5)

Tarifs : 14€, TR: 11€
Subscription : 10€, TR: 8€

Reservations : Monday to Friday, from 10am to 07pm
T 01 41 83 98 98 /


November 20, 2007

50th anniversary of the West Side Story creation
live in english from November 20th at the Théatre du Chatelet

West Side Story is a musical written by Arthur Laurents (book), Leonard Bernstein (music), and Stephen Sondheim (lyrics). The story is based loosely on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, which was, in turn, based on a narrative poem by Arthur Brooke entitled The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet (1562).

Set on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the musical explores the rivalry between two teenage gangs of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The young protagonist, Anton ("Tony"), who belongs to the white gang, falls in love with Maria, the sister of the leader of the rival Puerto Rican gang. The dark theme, sophisticated music, extended dance scenes, and focus on social problems marked a turning point in American musical theater. Bernstein's score for the musical has become extremely popular; it includes "Something's Coming", "Maria", "America," "Somewhere," "Tonight", "Jet Song", "I Feel Pretty", "One Hand, One Heart", and "Cool".

The original 1957 Broadway production, directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins and produced by Robert E. Griffith and Harold Prince, marked Stephen Sondheim's Broadway debut. It ran for 732 performances (a successful run for the time), before going on tour. The production garnered a Tony Award nomination for Best Musical in 1957, but the award ultimately went to Meredith Willson's The Music Man. The show has enjoyed an even longer-running London production, a number of revivals and international success, and spawned an innovative, award-winning 1961 musical film of the same name.

From an original concept by Jerome Robbins
Mucic composed by Leonard Bernstein
Livret Arthur Laurents
Lyrics Stephen Sondheim
Original Choreography Jerome Robbins

Musical Direction Donald Chan
Director & Choreography by Joey McKneely

Decors Paul Gallis
Costumes Renate Schmitzer
Lights Peter Halbsgut
Sound Rick Clarke
Orchestra: The West Side Story Orchestra

Originally Produced in Broadway by Robert E. Griffith & Harold S. Prince in partnership with Roger L. Stevens

Coproduction with Michael Brenner for BB Promotion, in partnership with Paul Szilard & Sundance Productions, N.Y.

Show lenght : about 02 hours & 30 minutes

West Side Story
Bernstein /Robbins
From November 20th to January 1st,2008

Théâtre du Châtelet
1, Place du Châtelet, 75001 Paris

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